Hello there,

If you’re reading this, chances are, you were transported here from a Description Bar in one of my YouTube videos. If that’s not the case, then hey I’m glad you found me.

My name is Ange and I’m a booktuber. My Booktube channel is called Fully Booked and its a channel based on (Yeap you guessed it) Books! The booktube community is a gorgeous community to be a part of and I encourage anyone to join it.

I’m not a big booktuber, but that’s not one of my goals. Right now I’m just trying to build my confidence and share my love for books. I decided I should have a blog as well for any book reviews or any other bits and pieces I can’t put in my booktube channel. I have a feeling that is the start of a pretty cool journey.

So if you’re interested in what my thoughts are on books or any other random things, stick around. And if you want to check out my channel, just search FullyBooked in YouTube…I don’t have a custom URL just yet. I’m slowly working on that 

Kind regards

FullyBooked x