It’s 11:11pm on Wednesday, 5 August and I should really be sleeping for work tomorrow…but instead I’m here, filling you in on todays activities.  Today was a much more successful day in terms of reading, drinking mugs and mugs of tea, and participating in Booktubeathon challenges but I think that was mainly because I had a day off work hehe

I was able to finish The Tales of Beedle the Bard today and I’m just over halfway through Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.  I am quite surprised at how it’s literally taken me a whole entire day to only be 68% (thanks Goodreads) through Fantastic Beasts.  Just looking at the books I assumed I would finish them easily in less then a day..I’m finding out that I’m not as quick at reading as I believed I was.

I also did the Scene Re-enactment challenge and submitted my re-enactment of The Tale of the Three Brothers…fingers crossed that I win lol If you want to see my Oscar Award winning acting skills, feel free to click right here 😀

Anyway, this is so much fun. I’ve met some pretty awesome people on Twitter through the Booktubeathon twitter account and hashtag.  It’s just so cool knowing that you’re completing challenges with all sorts of different book worms around the world.  It’s just great and it makes me happy.

I’m definitely not looking forward to tomorrow though, mainly because the majority of my day will be spent at work and possibly running errands, instead of reading but that’s ok. Life happens…I may just find a quiet cafe and spend the afternoon there…hmmm sounds like a great plan.

How is day 3 of booktubeathon going for everyone else? Also, where in the world are you? I’d love to know 😀

Happy reading

Fully Booked x