I thought I was super failing at this yesterday and the day before…but nothing compares to the amount of no reading I did today.

Super busy at work and visited my friends new born. It doesn’t sound like much but damn ! Took so much time and energy, I didn’t even pick up a book.  And now I’m home, it’s 9:55pm and I’m exhausted and ready to sleep.

I did do a small amount of reading on the way to work but that was it. I haven’t even edited my mini vlog yet…but even then I don’t have much footage because I was so busy *the struggle is real*

I plan on making up for it tomorrow though so that should be great otherwise I’m gonna have to do a whole lot of power sprints in the weekend. Wish me luck everyone. 

How are you doing? I hope Day 4 was more successful for you then it was for me 😀

Fully Booked x