Ok I knew that Booktubeathon was going to be difficult…but I definitely wasn’t ready for it hahaha

Today wasn’t so great in terms of reading because I didn’t get much done BUT I did purchase a whole bunch of books that I really didn’t need. I think I’m going to swap out two of my current books for two of the new books.  I think the reason I’m not reading as much as I want to is because I’m not actually interested in the books I’m trying to read. So I’m going to switch it up and hopefully I read more.

Otherwise I didn’t do any reading 😦 and I just finished editing my mini vlog, which is currently uploading as we speak (i’ll link it here when it’s done :D). But I’m hoping to stay up suuuuper late and read. This sort of feels like I’m studying and trying to catch up on homework or something hahaha how are you guys going? and how many books have you guys gotten through?

You’re probably closer to to completing your Booktubeathon TBR list compared to me hahaha. Enjoy reading, don’t give up, WE CAN DO THIS !!

Take care

Fully Booked x