This makes me sad, my first booktubeathon and I totally enjoyed it. It was awesome. I finished Olalla by Robert Louis Stevenson and I started Redwall by Brian Jacques. I participated in a few sprints, made some new twitter friends during the day and finished a book.

I love that this readathon not only encouraged people to read but it also brought readers together.  In just participating in a sprint or a challenge, people would tweet words of encouragement, congratulate you on an achievement, crack jokes, discuss books in common, fan girl over books both people have read, and basically just have a good time. It felt like a whole bunch of friends hanging out together, reading and enjoying themselves.

I wish this could go on forever, but alas it must end. But participating in Booktubeathon has definitely given me the confidence to participate in more readathon. Seeing other people who are also slow readers participate, and just the general buzz from all the participants is enough to get me hooked.

I seriously cannot wait for next years Booktubeathon. In this week alone I have read 3 and a half books…that’s more then what I read in a month. So in my little achievement I am super proud of myself. And I’m going to keep reminding myself of this achievement, until I can beat it hehehe

If you participated in booktubeathon please let me know how it went for you, if not then you need to get in on this next year. Seriously, it was so much fun 😀

Fully Booked x