Aaaaah the Apes are attacking me !

I’m fighting a reading slump right now. I was on a serious book reading buzz..until yesterday. And yesterdays activities consisted of me sleeping the day away, literally,  I didn’t wake up until 6pm. Today though I plan on reading as much of Redwall as I possibly can. BUT !! my question to you, blog reading traveller, is how does one avoid a reading slump?

I ask this because I am finding that I am getting into reading slumps more often then I would like. If the universe was perfect all I would do is read, however, life is a rollercoaster of responsibilities and sleepiness that sometimes reading takes a back seat.  Am I even making sense right now? I don’t know, but seriously reading slumps. They are the death of me.

I know that sometimes changing the book I’m reading helps. or reading a graphic novel or short story, gets me through it. But what if you’re reading a book you’re enjoying but you’re just not reading it as much as you would like? or you love the book but you don’t feel like reading it and then all of a sudden you’ve lost a week of potential book reading time.What does one do in a situation like that?

Aaaaaaah it hurts !

Anyways, I shall attempt to find the answers to these questions on my own, if you have nay suggestions please let me know and I will give you an infinite supply of interweb bear hugs 😀


Fully Booked x