I read this book back in September and it was the best decision ever ! I loved this story especially because she made it so believable that the human world and the magical world were one in the same. I guess that’s how she wanted it to be but it’s such an unnoticeable thing.

Each character is well thought out and their personalities are so clear I feel like I actually know these people in real life. I also love how you can relate to them.  I’m sure we’ve all been through a period of being absolutely scared of something and rising above it, making sacrifices, being a people pleaser, being a leader, being courageous and sometimes making stupid decisions.

The way the book is written also makes it a lot easier to follow.  Sarah J Maas doesn’t include super difficult names or words to describe the world she’s writing about.  Its almost as if she’s letting our imaginations make up the rest, like she gives us the foundation and our minds can create this amazing world.

Oh there’s so much more to this but since it’s been quite a while since I’ve read the book I have sort of forgotten it.  However, I have also just finished Crown of Midnight which I’m going to do a review on in just a minute. Please let me know what you thought of A Throne of Glass, I would love to read your thoughts.


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