Where do I even start with this book? It is definitely better then A Throne of Glass, but it is necessary cause a lot more happens in this book. Throne of Glass is has a lot of basic character development, whereas Crown of Midnight has much more intense character development.  It also develops characters in relationships, not just single characters.   Each character learns something new about themselves with other people around or instigate the discovery without intending to.

There is so much more action and drama in this. Everything is so intense. You may cry, I know I cried in this a few times, I won’t tell you why but you’ll know if you start to read this. And if you’ve already read it then you might have cried at the same part too hehehe. But the temp does pick up and at times it can feel like it’s going to get messy but Sarah has some magical way of tying everything up so that it all makes sense.

I also love that there aren’t any convenient accidents. Things are explained early in the book, not in so much detail that you expect something relating to that topic is about to come up. But just enough for you to be aware, and then when it comes back up something may nag at you like “why do I feel like I know this topic?” and then it’ll all make sense.

There is also a bit more romance, I didn’t know how I felt about it. When they were public about their relationship and then afterwards a lot more drama was involved. So much heartache…oh my god so much heartache.

And there’s a plot twist…although I feel like people would be expecting it however I’m not the type of person to think of something in the future so it caught me by surprise lol. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m a massive fan of this book and series. If you’ve read it then yo can we fangirl together? because I wanna talk about specific things with people but I don’t know whose read it and who hasn’t ;/ Let me know


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