This book is awesome, I expected it to be predictable and quite boring. But i was pleasantly surprised. The first line of the book had me hooked “twelve hours before Amber Lamonts parents tried to kill her”. It seemed so un-important but I’m thinking “WTF?”. I really liked that Ambers parents weren’t model parents. Besides the fact that they were demons trying to kill their daughter, he made it seem like Amber was just being a typical teenager, disagreeing with her parents because she was a teenager And at times I found myself thinking, for like a millisecond, that her parents aren’t actually that bad. Then we’re quickly reminded that no her parents aren’t as nice as they seem and they really are just super cruel and evil.

I liked Ambers character, she was bit annoying at the beginning because she kept repeating that she has to get away from her parents. I just took it from her point of view like how the hell are you supposed to react when you’ve just found out that 1. you’re a demon and 2. you’re parents are trying to kill you. I would be annoying as hell as well, cause my mind would be so screwed up. She grew on me towards the end of the book and you see her become more independent and accepting of her demon side. Also accepting of the fact that everything supernatural exists and she is an active part of that world.

I loooooved the Shanks and vampire parts of the book. It just added extra action to the book which gave more life to the book. Shanks took me by total surprise because I wasn’t expecting that. The witches part could’ve been better, I would’ve liked to see the witch have a chance at showing her affection for Jacob Buxton. That scene was short lived and it sort of felt rushed to me.

My favourite character is Milo. I love that you know very little about him, even though everything is screaming that he is the Ghost of the Highway, he still remains mysterious. It isn’t until he actually confirms what he is that it doesn’t seem like an assumption anymore. I don’t know exactly how to explain my love for Milo and the Charger but aaaah I want to be their friends. I was super scared when Milo got shot. I was freaking out like he was going to die then I remembered, he has like super healing powers….at least when he is with the Charger.

My least favourite character was Glen. Oh gosh he was annoying, I could totally see why Milo found him annoying. He was the least helpful person. Yes he became Ambers friend but geees, so annoying. is it bad that I was kinda relieved when he died? I know its cruel, but I found him that annoying. Always talking about things that are irrelevant.

I like the flow of the story, it never felt choppy, like Derek just skipped a bit just to start the next chapter. Everything made sense. The only that really urked me was the ending. It felt so abrupt, like he just decided to stop writing all of a sudden. I felt like there could’ve maybe been a little bit more to the ending. But I am definitely giving this book 4.5 stars out of 5. I will be getting Desolation when it’s out because I need to know where the journey takes them. Pleasantly surprised by this book and I will recommend this to anyone who wants to read it.

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