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After complaining for so long about not having a custom URL I FINALLY have one. YAAAAAY ! now I can actually just say the name of my channel instead of linking someone to a video. EEEEEK! Is it normal to be this excited about a Custom URL? hahahaha

Anyways if you’re interesting in viewing my channel you can check me out at (someone already has the URL FullyBooked T__T)

I hope you enjoy my videos but most importantly, I hope you’re enjoying the book you’re reading.

Fully Booked x


Booktubeathon – Day 6

I started and finished The Umbrella Academy: Dallas by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba.  Aaaaah such an epic graphic novel, I was totally biased because I’m such a My Chemical Romance fan, but this book totally exceeded my expectations.  The artwork was gorgeous, I loved that it was gory…I seem to love graphic novels that are super dark and gory.  I need to read Volume 1 though lol

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Booktubeathon – Day 5

Ok I knew that Booktubeathon was going to be difficult…but I definitely wasn’t ready for it hahaha

Today wasn’t so great in terms of reading because I didn’t get much done BUT I did purchase a whole bunch of books that I really didn’t need. I think I’m going to swap out two of my current books for two of the new books.  I think the reason I’m not reading as much as I want to is because I’m not actually interested in the books I’m trying to read. So I’m going to switch it up and hopefully I read more.

Otherwise I didn’t do any reading 😦 and I just finished editing my mini vlog, which is currently uploading as we speak (i’ll link it here when it’s done :D). But I’m hoping to stay up suuuuper late and read. This sort of feels like I’m studying and trying to catch up on homework or something hahaha how are you guys going? and how many books have you guys gotten through?

You’re probably closer to to completing your Booktubeathon TBR list compared to me hahaha. Enjoy reading, don’t give up, WE CAN DO THIS !!

Take care

Fully Booked x

Booktubeathon – Day 4

I thought I was super failing at this yesterday and the day before…but nothing compares to the amount of no reading I did today.

Super busy at work and visited my friends new born. It doesn’t sound like much but damn ! Took so much time and energy, I didn’t even pick up a book.  And now I’m home, it’s 9:55pm and I’m exhausted and ready to sleep.

I did do a small amount of reading on the way to work but that was it. I haven’t even edited my mini vlog yet…but even then I don’t have much footage because I was so busy *the struggle is real*

I plan on making up for it tomorrow though so that should be great otherwise I’m gonna have to do a whole lot of power sprints in the weekend. Wish me luck everyone. 

How are you doing? I hope Day 4 was more successful for you then it was for me 😀

Fully Booked x

Booktubeathon – Day 3

It’s 11:11pm on Wednesday, 5 August and I should really be sleeping for work tomorrow…but instead I’m here, filling you in on todays activities.  Today was a much more successful day in terms of reading, drinking mugs and mugs of tea, and participating in Booktubeathon challenges but I think that was mainly because I had a day off work hehe

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Booktubeathon – Day 2

Day 2 is complete…and it was a bit more successful then day 1. Again I spend most of my day at work, but was able to read on the bus ride to work and back home.  I finished reading Live, Love, Lead by Brian Houston and started reading The Revolution of Character by Dallas Willard & Don Simpson. However, when I got home and chilled out for a bit, I decided to start reading The Tales of Beedle the bard by J K Rowling.

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Booktubeathon 2015: Day 1

Hello there,

So today marks the first day of Booktubeathon and also the first time I’m participating in a readathon. So far…I’ve procrastinated so much it’s insane. Although most of my day is spent at work, so I don’t have much time to sit down and read. Thankfully my TBR list for Booktubeathon is quite manageable.

At the moment, I am trying to finish Live, Love, Lead. Your best is yet to come by Brian Houston. I have 1 chapter left, so hopefully I can finish that before I fall asleep. Continue reading “Booktubeathon 2015: Day 1”

The Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman

TheNorthernLights_PhillipPullmanThis book is a re-read for me.  I decided I wanted to read a book that sparked an interest in me to read fantasy books and BAM that book would be The Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman.  Of course, there is Harry Potter BUT I think I read this before I started Harry Potter..I think.

Anyways, I found this book absolutely awesome. It’s based around the adventures of our main character, Lyra, who is raised in Oxford University and surrounded by respected scholars.  Her life is  pretty boring, at least from the perspective of a child, because she doesn’t do any of the regular things but she’s found a way to be mischievous and play with the servant kids.

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And so it begins…

Hello there,

If you’re reading this, chances are, you were transported here from a Description Bar in one of my YouTube videos. If that’s not the case, then hey I’m glad you found me.

My name is Ange and I’m a booktuber. My Booktube channel is called Fully Booked and its a channel based on (Yeap you guessed it) Books! The booktube community is a gorgeous community to be a part of and I encourage anyone to join it.

I’m not a big booktuber, but that’s not one of my goals. Right now I’m just trying to build my confidence and share my love for books. I decided I should have a blog as well for any book reviews or any other bits and pieces I can’t put in my booktube channel. I have a feeling that is the start of a pretty cool journey.

So if you’re interested in what my thoughts are on books or any other random things, stick around. And if you want to check out my channel, just search FullyBooked in YouTube…I don’t have a custom URL just yet. I’m slowly working on that 

Kind regards

FullyBooked x 

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